Deploying 3D Viewer App on-premise as Free App

I deployed a 3D Viewer app in an on-premise environment without any license so the team can check out the application. But when I open the 3D viewer page getting "Invalid license - JWT". I know the 3D viewer app is a licensed application. But in the documentation, it's said we can deploy it as a free app   “3D Viewer is a premium Mendix product that is subject to a purchase and subscription fee. You can deploy 3D Viewer locally or in a Mendix Free App for free. However, to deploy the 3D Viewer on the cloud, you need to get a license token which you will need when you configure it as described in Configuring the License Token, below.”   How to deploy the application as a free app in on-premise. So others can try using 3D Viewer app.   Thanks in Advance.
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