How to transform a widget into readonly depending on whether or not a record exists in the database

Greetings to all You want to make an editability condition depending on whether a user's data exists in the database. That is to say, if a customer exists in the database that loads his information in a form and the widgets are in readonly mode. But if the customer does not exist, leave the fields blank and allow to edit the information and enter the new customer. Ya  autopopula los campos dependiendo si el cliente existe. For autopopulate the following microflow is used:     a boolean variable was created to help us to be changed from the microflow to make the process of changing from editable to read-only but it does not work.     The variable does not appear in the UI, apparently the variables modified in a microflow are not read in the UI. What could we do to be able to call and change a variable that helps us to change the editability condition?  Thank you very much in advance for your contributions.  
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Account is a special one and associations to account also. A normal account has only access to its own account, so the ‘exist’ is the right way, but be sure to give all accounts read-rights to that attribute.


The alternative is two pages: one with editable ‘never’ to that fields and the other with editable ‘default’ for the editable parts.