Build Docker image from Github repository.

Hi Experts,   I am bit new in DevOps. I am trying to build docker image from GitHub repository using GitHub Actions.   Below is the code for GitHub action and I am using the Docker file from Mendix BuildPack. But I am getting some error.   name: Build Docker Image   on:   push:     branches: [ main ]   jobs:       build:       runs-on: ubuntu-latest       steps:         - uses: actions/checkout@v2     - name: Build the Docker image       run: |         echo "${{ secrets.DOCKER_HUB_TOKEN }}" | docker login -u "${{ secrets.DOCKER_HUB_USERNAME }}" --password-stdin         docker build . --file Dockerfile --tag${{ secrets.DOCKER_HUB_USERNAME }}/${{ secrets.DOCKER_HUB_REPOSITORY }}:$GITHUB_SHA         docker push${{ secrets.DOCKER_HUB_USERNAME }}/${{ secrets.DOCKER_HUB_REPOSITORY }}:$GITHUB_SHA     Error I am getting, Can you please guide me om this? Thank you so much in advance
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