Live Log Not Showing Anything for Acceptance Environment

We have an application that we use in multiple environments.  We have a production and an acceptance environment.  I published the same deployment package to the production and the acceptance environments, and the live logs show properly in the production environment but no live logs show when I look for the acceptance environment.   Any ideas why one is working and the other is not?
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I think You should check the Configuration Differences: There could be differences in the configuration between the production and acceptance environments. Check if the logging settings in the acceptance environment are configured properly and check :

Access Control: Check if the user account you are using to access the acceptance environment has sufficient permissions to access and view the logs and also check this also:

Log Collection System: Verify that the log collection system is properly set up and configured for the acceptance environment. It may be possible that logs are not being collected properly due to a misconfiguration or an issue with the log collection system.

I think it will help you.