Hana hdi-shared Db configuration for SAP BTP

Hi All, We have one POC app, trying to deploy it to SAP BTP with the provided service sub-account. We selected hanatrial-securestore option in db selection and were able to deploy it to SAP BTP. but it connects to hana-schema db. We want to connect our app to hana hdi-shared db available in SAP BTP.   There is a yes/no radio button to chose whether custom db. Above things tried with existing list of dbs (custom db = no).  when I tried using a custom DB, it asks for name and plan. Plan can be hdi-shared, but I am not sure what to provide in place of name so that my application connects to correct hana hdi-shared db in SAP BTP. Please suggest, how this is to be selected.   Any configuration to be done from SAP BTP front for this? or can it be possible only deployment from Mendix sprintr portal by doing some correct configuration?
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