Mendix for private cloud deployment - failed in base installation of Mendix Gateway and Operator

Hi, it’s my first time of having hands on the MX4PC deployment. I am doing it on my MacBook with Microk8s managing a simple local cluster. Following the Academy Course – Mendix for Private Cloud, I feel the steps are pretty straightforward. However, after I downloaded the executables and ran it on my laptop to install Gateway and Operator components, I got an unexpected error, saying ‘failed to execute kubectl …. please check your cluster credentials!’.      I double checked the cluster ran by Microk8s and confirmed it’s indeed running.      I don’t know if any step has been missed, although I have strictly followed the academy course. I don’t know either, how the mxpc-cli command would know which cluster to connect for the base installation, with only namespace given as command option.
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I had the same issue.

Check the config file path generated when downloading microk8s.


Set config file path accordingly



 It works to me