Create package from Teamserver keeps failing

Good afternoon!   My project keeps failing to build whenever I try to create package from Teamserver. I have been working on this project for around 2 years and create new packages from my main line fairly frequently. However for the past week I have been unable to build a new package. The build output (shown below) says that the build has succeeded, but then somehow it fails?  I can’t find any further detail as to why it’s not building, no error messages pop up, it just gives me the red “!” in the deployment package repository. My team think it could be to do with the project being too big, so we are attempting to remove unused modules and generally trim the size down. We’re finding it difficult to identify what could have changed so dramatically since our last build though.  Would anyone please be able to advise what the issue is and how we can solve it? Many thanks, Hartley
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Hello Hartley,

My suggestions would be;

  1. Mostly use nanoflow, use microflow only if it is necessary.
  2. Remove all unwanted pages, microflow, nanoflow, action and resources before build. You can do this by using advanced search in mendix.
  3. Reduce the use of popup pages or try to reuse it.


Hope my suggestion helps. Reach me out for any queries.