Slow File Attachment Upload with NAS Storage

Hello, We have recently used NAS storage for the Mendix file system in our UAT environment and observed that attachments upload is taking more time now as compared to when the local server folder was used. There is significant deviation and it takes more than 30 seconds even to upload 5 MB file while it takes only 10 secs when local server path is used. Average time to upload attachment with NAS is double for small files and significantly increases when file size increases. Please see matrix below. File Size     File Type     UAT (NAS)   UAT(local drive) 97.79mb    xlx              5 min            1m 6 sec 52mb        xlx               3min              35 sec 10mb        xlx              35 sec             11 sec 5.2mb      xlx               30 secs           10 sec 3.6mb       xlx              14 secs           6 sec 2.3mb       xlx            10 secs             6 sec 1.3mb      xlx              8 sec                 5 sec We have followed all the steps to change the file system path and NAS is listed as a supported file system. Would like to know if something else needs to be done with NAS storage to get similar upload time as with local server drive storage. Any insight is appreciated. FYI, we did run ping and trace route to the NAS path from UAT server and it was within millisecs. We also tried to manually copying the 10 MB files to the NAS folder from UAT server and it was within fraction of seconds.   Thanks, Satya
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