About the request data for POST /cli in the Mendix for Private Cloud Deploy API

I am interested in using the Mendix for Private Cloud Deploy API, and I am referring to the following URL for the implementation: https://docs.mendix.com/apidocs-mxsdk/apidocs/private-cloud-deploy-api/ However, I'm not sure about the structure of the request data for POST /cli. Could you please provide some guidance on this? I want to get your answer like: { "manifestVersion":"2.0.0" "os":"windows" "architecture":"x86" }
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Hi Yoshimune Asano,


Use Postman (REST Tool) and import the URL below with the Mendix deployment collection. It will give you   comfortable way to test the API’s



Look at this blog for some hints: https://medium.com/mendix/quick-and-easy-deployments-on-mendix-cloud-using-postman-d2394fd94ced


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