Performance issues

We are experiencing performance issues with our app running in the Mendix cloud.  If multi-az is enabled, all processes take a lot longer to complete, with simple things like loading a page taking up to 30 seconds or longer. Same page will load in <1 second and average cpu load will drop with +/-40% after turning the setting off (with no other change).    We have been looking into this issue with support for a while now, but no insights so far.  Did anyone encounter similair issues like this? 
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We have had this issue with an application of ours as well. I believe there is currently a bug in how multi AZ is being handled since the upgrade of CF buildpack in June. 

I would contact support regarding this if I were you. As far as I know there no public statement regarding this issue and potential solutions as of now. 


@Bharathidasan as Joris describes the performance problem dissapears the moment multi-AZ was disabled on their production environment. 


Both before and after the multi-AZ was enabled the DB was running circles around the application instance(s) and there was no obvious part of the application that slowed down the process. Random retrieves took 30+ seconds to process. An application restart helped a bit but not for long.


It really seems that multi-AZ has one or multiple flaws contributing to the issue. Such as perhaps having the DB running in a different environment then the application instance(s). It would be great if Mendix could elaborate on this.


Hi Joris,

The possible reasons for this issue could be related to how data is stored and transferred between different parts of the app, how much computer power (CPU) is used, and how the app is designed.

To fix the problem, you may need to check how much computer power your app is using and optimize how data is stored and retrieved.