Why I Login by Okta success,but redirect to Login Page

when I depoyed Mendix cloud,I test Login By Okta.  I can Login by Okta success,but redirect to login Page not Home page  
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Hi Wenkang,


This is likely a compatibility issue between the Mendix version and the OIDC module version. Please update the OIDC module to version 2.2.0 from here: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/120371

Please let me know if this worked!


N.B. Please take not of the following recommendation in the release notes of 2.2.0: 

Recommendation: After upgrading to the latest version ,there could be a potential issue due to conflicting Java libraries of the old and the new version. Hence it is recommended that you delete all Java libraries used by the old OIDC SSO module from the userlib folder of the project before upgrading to the latest version.