Seeking Guidance on Releasing New Versions (Upgrading) and Rolling Back in Mendix

Hello Mendix Community, I'm currently working on a Mendix project and I'm seeking some advice on the best practices for releasing new versions and rolling back to old versions. While I'm familiar with version control and basic deployment processes, I want to ensure I'm following the right steps to maintain a smooth release cycle and handle any potential rollbacks effectively. For releasing new versions, I'm wondering: What are the recommended steps for releasing a new version of a Mendix application? How do you handle version numbering, testing, and deployment? How do you manage communication with clients during the release process? Are there any specific strategies you use to ensure a successful user acceptance testing (UAT) phase? What tools or techniques do you find helpful for documenting changes, release notes, and version-specific instructions for clients? Is there any tool for upgrading and forcing backup? And for rolling back to old versions: How can I efficiently roll back to a previous version of a Mendix application if needed? What considerations should I keep in mind, especially when changes in the database schema are involved? Are there any specific challenges you've encountered when rolling back, and how did you overcome them? I'm eager to learn from your experiences and insights in managing the release and version control processes within Mendix. Any tips, best practices, or lessons learned would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!
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