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Hello Mendix community, I need assistance with upgrading the version of my Mendix Service Console for the application running on Onpremise . Currently, my Mendix Console is running on version 4.5, As a result of batch upgrade from 8.12.0 to 8.12.7 I would like to upgrade it to version of mendix service console to 4.6. I have enough knowledge on updating the  server distribution . I'm unsure about the specific steps involved in upgrading the Mendix Console. Does updating the Mendix Service console   automatically sync the configuration details of the previous  version, or  there separate steps that need to be followed for the Mendix Console upgrade? I would greatly appreciate any guidance or instructions on how to successfully upgrade the Mendix Console from version 4.5 to 4.6.   Thank you in advance for your help!"
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Hi Ahalya,


I found this doc for installing the service: https://docs.mendix.com/developerportal/deploy/deploy-mendix-on-microsoft-windows/#3-installing-the-mendix-service-console

Might be usefull for upgrading too. In the doc it says: “In addition, there will be a file called Settings.yaml that contains your application configuration.” Which might make it easier to upgrade.


Hi guys,

I have successfully upgraded the Windows service by following these steps:

  • Before beginning the upgrade process, it is recommended to take a backup of the Service configuration, Database, Configuration, Constant, Advanced, Log level, and log File level to ensure data safety. The Setting.Yaml file present in the project folder contains all the above-mentioned configuration, so make sure you have backed up the file.
  • Make sure you have closed the currently running Mendix console before installing the new one. Using the Mendix installer, download the Mendix console setup.
  • The setup gets downloaded to the existing location of the Mendix console and overrides the existing Mendix console. It will automatically retain the projects of the old setup. You can check for the constant and rest of the configuration and start the service.
  • If it asks for the new configuration setup while opening the old app, we can use the server and database configuration from the backed-up Setting.Yaml file. You can keep the encrypted password as it is in this case.
  • Mendix gives a lot more flexibility when it comes to server distribution, e.g., if you are upgrading the Mendix modeler from 8 to 9, in those cases, simply by deploying the new MDA will automatically download the required server for the service console if all the permissions are applied.