Merging changes and deploying applications (Message definition / import mapping)

Hello,   I have a question regarding version management and branching, but I do not know exactly what happened so I will try to describe it best as I can. I would appreciate any kind of input, so I could avoid such errors in the future.    There was a couple of features from branch line that we needed on mainline, so we merged it by resolve using theirs – taking all the changes from branch for these commits (this included a couple of attributes mapped in MD and IM).    At the end of the sprint we merged remaining commits, that included some changes in mapping as well. What happened is that the attribute which was mapped and merged to the main line as a hotfix was not selected in MD and present in IM anymore in the Main line, even if use theirs was used all the time, and it is present and selected in Branch line.   Is merging logic for Message definitions and Import/Export mappings any different than for other documents?    Thank you.    Sincerely, Aljaz
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