Native Mobile (9.24.6 upgrade) Java Heap spikes/system crashing

Has anyone experienced issues with the initial sync up for a native mobile app? Our system can't complete the sync - is crashing due to Java Heap spikes. We are using 9.24.6. It is a big leap. Our live version is 8.18.9.   We are wondering if anyone has had to batch the initial sync up (we are using sync unsynchronized to sync up to the Cloud). If yes, can you point us to a best practice for this?   The sync down (then back up) from the Cloud is working, but is overriding (ultimately deleting) the local saved data records (a default Mendix practice from offline apps which seams counter-intuitive).   The sync was working well with a significant amount of data. The addition of all the data from production seems to have been the cause of the break. 
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