On-premise firewall configuration for the newest PDF document generation

We are planning to upgrade to the latest version of the PDF Document Generation module, as it better fits our client's needs compared to the old PDF export system. However, we're facing a challenge: our client's production environment is on-premise, and for security reasons, all internet traffic is blocked by default on their firewall.   Our client does have the ability to create exception rules on their firewall to permit specific types of traffic. However, we need to identify the specific ports and/or IP addresses that must be whitelisted for the Document Generation cloud service to operate correctly. Unfortunately, the existing documentation does not specify this information - only stating it uses Mendix Public Cloud (EU instance).   Could anyone provide what ports/IP adresses needs to be configured in the firewall to make the Document Generation service functional in an on-premise setup?    Many thanks!
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I have been in contact with the product team from Mendix for this as I have a similar client setup and needs. Short answer; on premise is currently not possible; not even private cloud. Both are on the roadmap but currently not supported. This module/service needs Mendix cloud for now.