Mendix Service Account needs to be an Admin?

Hello fellow Mxers! I am a Mendix Admin and me and my team has developed a number of Apps for my company and are in the process of our initial On-Premise Windows Based Deployments on to Test Environment which is a Windows Server 2019 based Virtual Machine hosted on our On-Premise Data Centre. I have successfully deployed the application with the Mendix Service Console and IIS in place and the application is now accessible throughtout MRPLs Network. When setting up the Mendix Server, the documentation guided to create a local service user and assign the rights to 'Log in as a Service'. While creating the user, I added it to the Local Administrators Group for the first few apps but now after critical evaluation, we found that this might be raised as a vulnerability flag during our Internal Audits and we are required to make these System Service Accounts as Standard User Accounts rather than Administrator Accounts. We did the needful and removed the Service Account from the Administrator Group and started the app again which caused a failure (See below and attachment)"Cannot start service Sundry Apps on Test on computerError 2:The system cannot find the file specified"When I add it back again with Administartor Rights given to the Service User, it starts again successfully.   Any help is much appreciated.   Regards, AbdulRahman Hassan
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