How to resolve CreateContainerConfigError error while deploying mendix application in kubernetes cluster?

I'm trying to deploy a mendix application(v9.24.3)  with postgres-DB in k8 cluster , following the instructions from mendix documentation 'Use Docker with Minikube', but while deploying app as statefulset I'm facing the following error in the pod: CreateContainerConfigError. following that I have tried to check the events of the particular pod, and got the this response from the events: "Error: stat /home/docker/mendix-files: no such file or directory"   The following is my mendix-app.yaml :  # outsourced from mendix documentation. apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: StatefulSet metadata: name: mendix-k8s-stateful namespace: mendix-app labels: app: mendix-k8s spec: serviceName: mendix-app-service replicas: 2 selector: matchLabels: app: mendix-k8s template: metadata: labels: app: mendix-k8s spec: containers: - name: mendix-app image: <image> imagePullPolicy: Always ports: - containerPort: 8080 volumeMounts: - mountPath: "/opt/mendix/build/data/files" subPath: files name: mendix-data env: - name: ADMIN_PASSWORD value: <password> - name: DATABASE_ENDPOINT value: postgres://mendix:mendix@<IP>/db0 volumes: - hostPath: path: "/home/docker/mendix-files" name: mendix-data   How to resolve the error?
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