mendix app not working within an iframe on iOS devices

my mendix app that is deployed is located on an iframe within my website. the iframe was not loading content at first, so I set the SameSiteCookies to "None" within my mendix environment and now the iframe loads fine on desktop browsers and while using an android device. the issue now is on iOS devices; no matter which browser is used (tested on safari, chrome, firefox, duck duck go) the iframe content will not load. it is worth noting that the domain names are different for my website and my mendix app. below is an image of the error that pops up reading "this application requires cookies to be enabled". I have another website domain that I tried to load an iframe on and I received the same error notification. Does anyone know of a fix to this? Or what the issue may be? I suspect it has something to do with third-party cookies but not sure how to fix this.   Thanks!  
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