RollingUpdate Deployment in Mendix Private Cloud (Kubernetes)

Hi!   We have an issue when deploying our app in Private Cloud. We want to use "RollingUpdate" as strategy for the deployment but Mendix overwrites this every time to instead use the "Recreate" strategy.    We have searched the web and Mendix Documentation for answers as to how to solve this but we have not found anything helpful.    Does anyone perhaps know how to solve this in a relatively easy matter?  (Feels like we are not alone in this...)
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I'm curious about this too.


As we explore Mendix Private Cloud solution, we suffer the same behavior from default Mendix deployment strategy. Kubernetes itself has "RollingUpdate" deployment strategy which reduce to near-zero downtime during deployment.


Would love to know how to config it for Mendix as well :)


(I think it require to edit CRD of mendixapp of some kind ...)