Issue with Starting Mendix Application using Start-MxApp Command in Azure DevOps Pipeline

I have Mendix installed on-premise in my environment, and we utilize Azure DevOps to manage our Mendix codebase and handle deployment pipelines. As part of our deployment process, I use mxbuild to create the .mda file for deployment. However, I'm encountering an issue specifically with starting the Mendix application using the Start-MxApp command in our Azure DevOps pipeline. The pipeline workflow is as follows: we successfully stop the application, but encounter an error when attempting to start the application using the Start-MxApp command. Here's the error message we're encountering: Start-MxApp : The server encountered an error. At C:\azagent\A2\_work\_temp\9af88507-f483-4d91-bb58-01cedbc0faa4.ps1:3 char:1 + Start-MxApp moheducationapp -SynchronizeDatabase + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (moheducationapp:String) [Start-MxApp], M2EEException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : AppProcessError,Mendix.Service.Commands.StartAppCommand     What's puzzling is that when I execute the same command directly via PowerShell on the machine, the application starts without any issues. Summary: Mendix installed on-premise environment. Azure DevOps utilized for managing Mendix codebase and deployment pipelines. Using mxbuild to create .mda file for deployment. Successfully stop application package in Azure DevOps pipeline. Encounter error when starting application using Start-MxApp command in pipeline. Error only occurs in pipeline, works fine when executed directly via PowerShell on machine. Any insights or suggestions on why this might be happening and how to resolve it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!   ENV Mendix version mendix- Windows server 2019 powershell  5.1.17763.5122
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