ECR vulnerablity

Hi Team,   Vulnerability from AWS inspector: Those using java.sql.Statement or java.sql.PreparedStatement in hsqldb (HyperSQL DataBase) to process untrusted input may be vulnerable to a remote code execution attack. By default it is allowed to call any static method of any Java class in the classpath resulting in code execution. The issue can be prevented by updating to 2.7.1 or by setting the system property "hsqldb.method_class_names" to classes which are allowed to be called. For example, System.setProperty("hsqldb.method_class_names", "abc") or Java argument -Dhsqldb.method_class_names="abc" can be used. From version 2.7.1 all classes by default are not accessible except those in java.lang.Math and need to be manually enabled.   Let me explain the scenario. We started our project on 9.14.1 and deployed it on the AWS cloud. Now we created an mpk of the application from the 9.14.1 version and imported it to the 9.24.12 version on Studio Pro now we are creating mda file for the 9.24.12 version and uploading the MDA file on the developer portal of the 9.14.1 version (on the which AWS environment was created). My Questions: If we are deploying the 9.24.12 version MDA then why we are getting HSQL vulnerability from the AWS inspector? If we look at the directory of the 9.24.12 application then it is visible that we are using the 2.7.1 version of hsql. Should we need to update the version of the application on which the AWS environment is set up? If Yes what is the correct way of updating and what complexity we will face in the AWS environment while updating?   Please respond.   Thanks and Regards, Harshraj Singh  
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