Mendix Service Console - Access Restriction

Hi Mendix Community,   This question is specifically for the people who have deployed their apps on On-Premise windows server.   Refer attached SS. We have Mendix Service Console (MSC) installed on one of our On-premise server. On this MSC lets say 10 apps are deployed by 10 different developers then we want to restrict developers from accessing each others app's. Ideally a developer can access an app which is deployed by only him in MSC.   Currently each developer can see/modify/delete all the 10 apps without any restriction. We need some kind of restriction like if a developer wants to access some other developers app then he would need something like a password so that other developers permission is required to access his app. Above is one of the suggested solution but I hope the concern was clear however such feature is not yet present in MSC. However you have implemented any solution do let me know.   Case: One developer was trying to update his app and by mistake my Prod app was selected on left side Apps list and he my mistake updated my app. Basically we would like to avoid such scenarios.  
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