Deployment Package is not building

Hi there, Since 7th Feb I've had problems with building my deployment package in the repository on the portal, it takes more time then a normal build time, but then ends with a build with an error symbol (!) and a filesize of 0Mb & No expiry date set.       At 8th Feb we created package from Studio pro once and from 9th Feb that is aloso getting failed with similar error.   Is anyone familiar with this or do you know the solution, please let me know.   Thanks in advance.
2 answers

When you go to the details page of your package, does it say anything in the build output? You can find it here if it's available:




I would suggest looking at your project's history and seeing what changes were committed before the build started to fail. I suspect there was an upgrade to either the version of Mendix used, or an app store module. 


Is the application still building successfully locally in Studio Pro? You may find you have a more detailed error in your console when attempting to do this. 


Good luck!