Upload document - permission denied

Dears   We have upgraded Mendix Runtime from  “v8.18.26.15829” to “v9.24.14.24569” as well as we have upgraded Mendix Buildpack from “v3.6.4” to “v4.24.0” (considering this version is LTS for runtime version 9).   The application is being build and deployed successfully.   The only issue is that When Application team tries to upload any new attachments they get below error: below are their comments. We are unable to upload files through Application after latest Buildpack upgrade.         Earlier Runtime/Buildpack created user “mendix” with 999 as user ID. New Runtime/Buildpack has added a new user “nginx” and assigned it 999 as user ID and changed “mendix” user’s ID to 1001 (this can be seen inside /etc/passwd file inside the Pod).   So the files uploaded earlier through the attachment module (from application) now have nginx user as the Owner.     Below is the NFS share which is mounted inside the Application. /montajiuploads is having all above files and folders.     How can we change the ownership of the files (uploaded through attachment module) back to mendix user.   Or are there any changes required in Dockerfile to change ownership/permissions of nginx user so that Application team can use Attachment module.
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