Unable to deploy to Mendix cloud (Free tier app)

Hi All   Im unable to deploy my free app (V 10.7.0)  to Mendix cloud  and keep getting below error Iv checked the Environments and see the following : "Couldn't deploy to your sandbox. Please, check the logs: Unable to deploy new model by xxx." Im unable to see any logs : I would highly appreciate if anyone could please suggest a workaround as im unable to publish and its quite urgent!   Thanks in advance
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If you go to the 'Environments' tab you have 2 buttons, 'View live log and' 'Show Latest build output'. You can use these to figure out the problem! If you deploy and have your live log open, you should get more details about the deployment.


Hi Ajit,


If I understand in the right way, Here are some insights may help you with:


  1. Review Deployment Logs: Access the deployment logs to gather more information about the specific error. In Mendix Studio Pro, go to the "Deploy" menu, and then click on "View Deployment Logs." This should provide more details about the error that occurred during deployment.

  2. Examine the Error Details: Look for specific error messages or stack traces in the deployment logs. These details can provide valuable insights into what went wrong during the deployment process.

  3. Check Environment Configuration: Verify that the environment configurations in Mendix Studio Pro are correctly set up. Ensure that you have the appropriate credentials, endpoints, and permissions to deploy to the Mendix Cloud.

  4. Review Mendix Cloud Status: Check the status of Mendix Cloud services to ensure that there are no ongoing issues or maintenance activities that might be affecting the deployment process. You can usually find this information on the Mendix status page or by contacting Mendix support.



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