Difference between Microflow and Workflow in technical aspect

"Could someone explain why microflows are often seen as horizontal and workflows as vertical? Can you break it down in simple terms, focusing on the technical and coding aspects? Also, can you explain the differences between them in terms of how they work during runtime?"
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Hey Zia!

Heres some overview: 

  • Microflows are used for smaller, more granular pieces of logic within Mendix applications.
  • They are designed to automate simple tasks or operations within the application.
  • Microflows are typically used to define the behavior of individual buttons, actions, or events within the user interface.


  • Workflows, on the other hand, are used for orchestrating complex, multi-step processes within Mendix applications.
  • Workflows often represent the flow of work through an organization, defining how tasks are assigned, completed, and monitored.
  • In Mendix, workflows are typically used to manage processes such as approval workflows, order processing, issue tracking, and other similar scenarios.


I would recommend referring to these posts, they have great explanations to explain you the differences.




Hope this helps!