Mendix Pipelines on recurring schedule, does it always run?

I'm using Mendix Pipeline to automatically deploy to test. Works like a charm ๐Ÿ˜   I would like to set this up, to deploy to production in the early morning. So I will use the 'recurring scheduled' from the 'Start Pipeline'. So far so good. After that I have a 'Checkout' of a specific branchline where I commit if I know it is ready for production. Then i have the 'Build' step. But I only want to create a new build if there is actually new code in the branch I have selected. Because it will run every night, I want to prevent it is creating new builds and deploying them even is there no new code.   I couldn't find any information on this in the documentation or in the learning path on the Academy if this is possible.   Hope somebody already tried it out or a dev has more insight info on this.
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Hi Bob, thanks for your comments!

1. Execute pipeline only when a new build is available - Fair ask. If this for resource efficiency purposes or due to downtime concerns that you would like such an option?

2. Promoting deployment packages - We aim to introduce a "Promote" step in this calendar quarter. In this step, you can specify a Source environment and a Target environment. The deployment package deployed to the source environment will be transported to the Target environment. 


1. Resource efficiency / Downtime for starting the new environment on prod / Debugging.

E.g. I want to publish every night to production, if there is a new version. If this option doesn't exists and I don't have changes for 10 days, there will be 10 new builds published. So from just the resource point of view this feature would be something Mendix want to implement to reduce cloud spent :)

2. That would be great. In that case recurring scheduled is still necessary if I want to build and publish it outside working hours.