Unable to update the offline.html latest changes in deployment folder

I am trying to modify the existing offline.html file from visual studio and after synchronizing with latest changes in moduler but still not able to see the latest changes in offline.html file instead i could able to see the previous changes . same thing happened when i am trying to create a new java action and modifying the code in eclipse after deploy in eclipse . When i run the project with new code changes its showing the previous changes . Please help me out 
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Maybe for the offline.html you could take a look at chapter 9 from this documentation. Although, the documentation is for the index.html, maybe it will work the same for the login.html. In the documentation it's saying it's automatically generated when it's in the deployment folder, so like the index.html, you could try to copy the offline.html to your theme -> web folder and see if you can change it there and test if it works.


When you adjusted the Java action, did you press f4 in your Mendix project before running the app?