Difference between Basic and Standard

I'm trying to understand the differences between Basic and Standard offerings and the guide shown here: https://www.mendix.com/pricing/ doesn't really answer all my questions One difference is that Standard includes "Ops Dashboard" - what is this? The main capability I need is the ability to set up Access Restriction Profiles to control IP ranges which can access an app. I know this is available in Standard and Enterprise nodes, but is it available in a basic node?
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I just looked at one of the apps my company manages that is on a Basic license.  This app does have Access Restriction Profiles.


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Standard & premium is Mendix' "standard" offering. Which they have for years and what their aim of business is.

To provide light weight use of the platform for smaller apps they introduced Basic. Which is just a single production server. Basic server configuration and monitoring and pricing per named user.

Suitable for simple internal apps for a limited set of users and server size.

If you have more wishes than the set basics, you need at least the Standard.


TLDR Basic is to start quickly an lure you into the platform😅