Unable to import user from Ldap

Hello,   My application is deployed in Windows onprem, users are imported from AD to the app. Now I am unable to refresh the attributes and Ldap users are not getting imported to app, however authentication is successful. Whenever I tried to refresh the attributes, I can see error message 'Failed to refresh,  please enter attributes manually'. What would be the reason?
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No chris, There are no errors, but when I tried to import the user, i checked the log trace,there are few logs like


Importing users by groups

Importing config[action[importall][userSearch:ImportAll][UserEntity:Administration.Account][userNameField:sAMAccountName]

Performing page search indirectory:

Importing users from group group details

Removing no longer available users

Imported 0users, deactivated 0 users


This is what i can see in the log trace