How do I deploy my application and How to view my application in other device

Hello Forum, I have created an application and I need to deploy it. I have hit on publish and deployed on sandbox and I am able to view the application but I am not able to login with Admin Credentials and also the data inside the application is not visible, when I host it locally everything is fine. I need to share the URL of my application to my team members so I have shared that URL of sandbox and they are able to open it but nothing is accessible like the NEW BUTTONS and others. How do I deploy my app otherwise so that others can have access to it.
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Hi Spoorthi,


Mendix publishes your application without your local data to the sandbox, your database in the sandbox is completely empty. So the data you have locally is not the sandbox. As there is no data, you also do not have an MxAdmin account, as that in the end is data in your database.


If you want to be able to login and do all necessary computations I would recommend you add your logic (for example your admin creation) in an afterstartup microflow of your app.


Hi Spoorthi ,

To login in sandbox with admin credentials you have to use generated password, which you can find under the project security settings , you can see below , there is option to copy password to clipboard



regarding the data not visible issue, you have to generate your data in sandbox as it  will be empty dataset, local data won't be visible there.

Good luck!