Demo Users (Free plan)

Good day everyone.I started using mendix, I managed to pass the rapid mendix developer and I realized that it is not possible to create users other than admin and anonymous. Is it possible to create users with other roles in the free plan without seeing the bar that exchanges users? On the other hand, how many apps can I deploy at the same time with the basic plan? They are apps with little demand, mainly CRUDS. From already thank you very much
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Mendix!


If you add the User Management snippet to a page that is used in the navigation for your app, you can add users at runtime with any user role(s).  You'll need to create other user roles if you want more than the standard ones.


The Basic license is for a single app only.


Hope that helps you get started!



Thank you very much for your answer. Is what you mention about users also valid for the free plan?