On-premise Deployment package fails with Java Dependencies - ignored vendorlib directory

Context I am running Mendix on-premise Trying to upgrade to Mendix 10.6.8 and use Java managed dependencies. The goal is the create a deployment package having my vendorlib directory in gitignore.   What happens I manage to get the dependencies synchronized in the vendorlib directory. However, I do not want to commit the jars in GIT because using gradle should allow us to avoid pushing binaries in source control. When I have my vendorlib in the gitignore list, I cannot create a Deployment Package. I get compile errors when I try creating the deployment package because it cannot find the dependencies, even though i synchronized them before hand. I guess this is due to the deployment package process which is downloading the app first from source control, which does not have the vendorlib in my case. Why this process does not try to do the dependencies synchronization ? It forces us to push binaries (jars) in source control, which is not a best practice. Jar files should reside in our maven repos and get fetched during build process. Anybody has a solution, a work around or a possible fix / improvement in the roadmap ?   Thank you    
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We have the same problem.