We need to pass 3 parameters on click without actually using 1

In our app we have a modal with a summary inside which has data views from 3 parameters. That part is ready and working. However, in a different component of the app there is a Data Grid 2 with on click functionality to access this summary.  The issue is for this Data Grid 2 we don't actually use 1 of the 3 parameters but Mendix forces you to use it. This because the Data Grid 2 will trigger the summary and for the summary we do need the 3 parameters. That is understandable.  But how can we pass the parameter through the Data Grid 2 with out using it inside the Data Grid 2 or forcefully include it in it? 
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You can skip parameters by calling an intermediate micro/nanoflow with only the used parameters. In there you will create a dummy object for the parameter not used or leave it empty on an MF/NF call (depending how you need to open the modal page).