Continuous Resuming App after deployment

Hi, I have a free Mendix app and after deployment, the app cannot seem to "wake up". I have tried to re-deploy multiple times, created a new branch with latest "functioning deployment" and tried to deploy that, same unsuccessful result. Here's the latest Build Output:    Pipeline created at 2024-05-08T20:00:36Z [teamserver-discovery] 2024-05-08T20:00:41.412299109Z Project: 9e04e58d-bd24-48c8-94dc-7772e134d22c [teamserver-discovery] 2024-05-08T20:00:41.412371467Z Determining repository type... [teamserver-discovery] 2024-05-08T20:00:41.673802460Z Found type: svn [teamserver-discovery] 2024-05-08T20:00:41.675639300Z Found URL: [teamserver-checkout] 2024-05-08T20:01:05.522380497Z Teamserver URL: [teamserver-checkout] 2024-05-08T20:01:05.522409396Z Branch: branches/RevertedLine [teamserver-checkout] 2024-05-08T20:01:05.522426620Z Revision: 129 [teamserver-checkout] 2024-05-08T20:01:05.522526036Z Checking out repo... [teamserver-checkout] 2024-05-08T20:01:10.210175205Z Checked out revision 129 [teamserver-checkout] 2024-05-08T20:01:10.621034916Z Finding MPR file... [teamserver-checkout] 2024-05-08T20:01:10.670674382Z Found: /workspace/build/source/Kings Bay Y RSVP.mpr [teamserver-checkout] 2024-05-08T20:01:10.674196801Z Mendix version: [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:16.078249257Z [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:16.078270830Z __ __ ____ _ _ _ [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:16.078275579Z | \/ | | _ \ (_) | | | [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:16.078280176Z | \ / |_ _| |_) |_ _ _| | __| | [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:16.078284373Z | |\/| \ \/ / _ <| | | | | |/ _` | [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:16.078288302Z | | | |> <| |_) | |_| | | | (_| | [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:16.078292640Z |_| |_/_/\_\____/ \__,_|_|_|\__,_| [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:16.078301188Z [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:16.284769048Z v9.24.1.4658 [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:16.284796479Z [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:18.967912257Z Starting build for Mendix Project file: /workspace/build/source/Kings Bay Y RSVP.mpr [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:18.967940299Z Using the following options: [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:18.967945494Z * Build target: Package [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:18.967949909Z * Deployment package file: /workspace/build/dist/e843a31c-7775-44e0-a89b-60a89695789c.mda [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:18.967954157Z * Model version: [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:18.967958246Z * Model description: Automatically generated deployment package for Free App deployment. [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:18.967962229Z Reading project file... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:20.558091579Z Building project... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:20.562501169Z Executing step 'Synchronize with file system' [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:20.562655705Z * Synchronizing with file system... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:21.522721018Z Executing step 'Initialize' [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:21.550505224Z * Preparing deployment... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:21.603974918Z Executing step 'Check prerequisites' [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:21.604494259Z * Checking for errors... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:23.305967218Z Executing step 'Clean deployment directory' [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:23.305991975Z * Cleaning data broker files... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:23.306246051Z * Cleaning deployment directory... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:32.635735631Z * Cleaning ml deployment directory... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:32.636120100Z * Cleaning web deployment directory... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:32.636245426Z * Cleaning source web deployment directory... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:32.636376040Z Executing step 'Perform model transformations' [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:32.641113488Z * Applying model transformations... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:32.654072540Z Executing step 'Generate deployment files' [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:32.654830700Z * Writing files... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:35.482637759Z Executing step 'Prepare deployment' [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:35.483297995Z * Generating styles for icons [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:35.485370306Z * Cleaning web deployment directory... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:35.601944806Z Executing step 'Build deployment structure' [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:35.602673459Z * Generating data broker files... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:35.622063503Z * Exporting ml models to ml deployment directory... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:35.627078385Z * Compiling theme files... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:35.630456409Z * Exporting a theme... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:36.105775484Z * Generating font files for icons [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:36.106338648Z * Exporting pages... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:36.345577839Z * Exporting metadata... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:36.347205390Z * Exporting microflows model... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:36.418308992Z * Exporting custom widgets... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:36.442111663Z * Bundling custom widgets... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:43.423068538Z Executing step 'Save model to deployment directory' [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:43.423304601Z * Saving model to deployment directory... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:43.716820995Z Executing step 'Finalize deployment structure' [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:43.717618922Z * Post-processing generation results... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:43.724131858Z Executing step 'Bundle application' [compile] 2024-05-08T20:01:43.727212169Z * Compiling Java... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:02:01.382391877Z * Compressing web resources... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:02:01.451113122Z Executing step 'Compress deployment package' [compile] 2024-05-08T20:02:01.453054462Z * Creating deployment package... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:02:03.637635652Z Executing step 'Clean up' [compile] 2024-05-08T20:02:03.637780111Z * Cleaning up... [compile] 2024-05-08T20:02:03.732403885Z BUILD SUCCEEDED [compile] 2024-05-08T20:02:03.753881353Z Build successful! [compile] 2024-05-08T20:02:03.753904568Z Results: [compile] 2024-05-08T20:02:03.756111048Z /workspace/build/dist/e843a31c-7775-44e0-a89b-60a89695789c.mda [teamserver-tag] 2024-05-08T20:02:09.521631860Z Branch: branches/RevertedLine [teamserver-tag] 2024-05-08T20:02:09.521672440Z Revision: 129 [teamserver-tag] 2024-05-08T20:02:09.521676640Z Tag name: [teamserver-tag] 2024-05-08T20:02:09.521679764Z Tag description: Automatically generated deployment package for Free App deployment. [teamserver-tag] 2024-05-08T20:02:09.572853507Z Tagging revision... [teamserver-tag] 2024-05-08T20:02:14.989022829Z Committing transaction... [teamserver-tag] 2024-05-08T20:02:17.588705184Z Committed revision 130. [upload] 2024-05-08T20:02:44.440968859Z Uploading the package [upload] 2024-05-08T20:02:55.680343384Z Package is uploaded It does have Build Succeeded, but the result is the same. Any suggestions (I am using 9.24.1)?
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does the log have any additional lines after these?  I think you should see some info about the container becoming healthy.  This part of the logs is about the app build process.