Custom URL for Applications with OnPremise deployment

Dear expert community,   I would need an help on a particular case for a customer for which I am running Mendix project. Their idea is to deploy OnPremise and to create a big unique Mendix APP which will contain different SUB APP which will be used for different purpose and users, in addition they have some case in which particular SUB APP will be open to the web so will not be used just by company internal users or customers/supplier but literally will be open to the entire internet.   Being all this SUB APP part of their MAIN Menidx APP running on premise in order to make sure their database and system cannot be violated they would like to restrict the access to those open SUB APP via company firewall, in order to do that they would need to dedicate customer URL to these apps.   So here come my question:   Is it possible within one Mendix APP, within I can have N different SUB APP (separate MODULE) , to dedicate custom/diffeent URL to each of these SUB APP?   Thanks in advance
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