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Hello guys. I was wondering if there was any other method to deploy my mendix applications other than the mendix cloud. I just need to deploy my web app on a public server and i'd like to now the options for doing that. Thank you for the help.
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Hello Damiano,


Yes there are multiple methods and you can also create your own tool to create a certain kind of pipeline.


Please take a look here:


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Hi Damiano Purin

We have 3 methods like below choose want you want 

1. Manual operations

2. Automated with low-code Mendix Pipelines

3. Automated with APIs & 3rd party CI/CD tool of choice


We have learning path also  click below link and get knowledge


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K. Ravi Kumar.


Thanks for the help.

I have just a quick question.

I'll probably use docker for deploying the app, can you use non persistable entities in mendix even without their database?

Also, does committing non persistable objects via REST calls count as using their database?

I really must NOT use mendix's DB so i wanted to be sure about that before going on.