Build issue - while creating package

[compile] 2024-05-23T14:17:33.480751741Z Executing step 'Check prerequisites' [compile] 2024-05-23T14:17:33.480959529Z * Checking for errors... [compile] 2024-05-23T14:17:41.001534419Z Executing step 'Clean up' [compile] 2024-05-23T14:17:41.001762385Z * Cleaning up... [compile] 2024-05-23T14:17:47.531426987Z ERROR: The project cannot be deployed, because it contains errors. [compile] 2024-05-23T14:17:47.533045289Z ERROR at ABS_API, Export mapping 'ABC_Export_mapping', Property 'Message definition': The selected message definition 'ABS_API.ABC_Message_definitions.ABC' no longer exists. [compile] 2024-05-23T14:17:47.533378235Z BUILD FAILED   Message defination file has been created and working fine on local.  
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I would consider exporting the export mapping to a file, then deleting it from your project and adding it again. It sounds like an error in studio pro, this may or may not work as a workaround.


Alternatively, if you can, it might be worth upgrading to the latest 9.24 version as your issue may already have been fixed there.