Trouble using docker for mendix

Hi there, i don't know if these are usefull info but i'm using mendix verision 10.9.0 and i'm on windows 10. I want to deploy my mendix app by using dcoker. Though I've never used docker in my life, and i'm a bit confused on why the guides i'm following don't ever work. Could you help me understand how to build a docker image from a mendix app? I followed this guide step by step, but on the part where i needed to put the commands in the CMD, steps 5 or 6, these errors accured: Also, in the guide he was "assuming that all the docker dependencies were installed", but what kind of dependences does docker need, and how can i check if i installed that?   Then i gave this guide a shot, and came across the same errors, always in the part where i needed to put the commands in the CMD. Please help me understand what am i doing wrong, possibly with another step by step guide of what i need to do to deploy mendix via docker containers. I don't even need the database model, and i need to do this fairly quickly. Thank you so much!
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