Trouble using docker for mendix

Hi there, i don't know if these are usefull info but i'm using mendix verision 10.9.0 and i'm on windows 10. I want to deploy my mendix app by using dcoker. Though I've never used docker in my life, and i'm a bit confused on why the guides i'm following don't ever work. Could you help me understand how to build a docker image from a mendix app? I followed this guide step by step, but on the part where i needed to put the commands in the CMD, steps 5 or 6, these errors accured: Also, in the guide he was "assuming that all the docker dependencies were installed", but what kind of dependences does docker need, and how can i check if i installed that?   Then i gave this guide a shot, and came across the same errors, always in the part where i needed to put the commands in the CMD. Please help me understand what am i doing wrong, possibly with another step by step guide of what i need to do to deploy mendix via docker containers. I don't even need the database model, and i need to do this fairly quickly. Thank you so much!
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Please refer this documentation


you need to run dockerbuild from the mxbuild mendix folder, and point your project folder from there


As per the error screenshot, this doesnt look an issue in the mendix side at all.


You can do the below checks to ensure your prerequisites are working well.


1. Check if Docker Desktop is running. If not Launch it and may be do some basic checks like check the images section, container section etc. Just to make sure Docker Desktop client up properly

2. Try the command that failed earlier for you. Now it should work. If not, next step

3. See if you can launch Docker Desktop in elevated mode.(with Admin priviledges)


With Powershell:

Open Powershell as administrator
Launch command: & 'C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\DockerCli.exe' -SwitchDaemon
OR, with cmd:

Open cmd as administrator
Launch command: "C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\DockerCli.exe" -SwitchDaemon

In the above i am assuming your Docker Desktop client is installed in the "C:\Program Files" folder