how to deploy to the new infrastructure?

Hi, after publishing my free Mendix app and click on View app I get the following message instead of seeing the app:   "This Free App needs to be redeployed  . . . The Mendix Cloud infrastructure for Free Apps is being migrated. This Free App is still deployed on the old infrastructure. The maintainer of this app can restart it on the new infrastructure by redeploying this app. Once your Free App is running on our new infrastructure, it will sleep and resume as always. If your Free App is running on Mendix 7, please update it to a supported version (Mendix 8 or newer) first."   Im using mendix Version 10.9.0 and working on first App that uses a Odata Service (I created)   Thanks in advance :)
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My advise would be to contact Mendix support for this. If it says, redeploying a new revision should work, then something looks to be wrong on their side. 

Maybe it was caused by this issue?


What if you try it again?