App deployment error-An error occurred while initializing the Runtime

Hello Everyone, I'm deploying my mendix app to acceptance env and in deployment process I'm able to transport the deployment package to environment but its failing to start application after that process and getting error message like below. error msg-"An error occurred while starting the application. Please check the log file and the alerts page for the cause of the problem".   When checked log file I found error as "An error occurred while initializing the Runtime: The SessionKeepAliveUpdatesInterval custom setting should not be greater than half the ClusterManagerActionInterval or else active sessions may be cleaned up." Can anyone please help me to fix this issue? Any solution for this issue is appreciated. Thank you.       
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Hello, Rahul Hasule


The error message you're encountering indicates that the custom setting SessionKeepAliveUpdatesInterval is set too high relative to ClusterManagerActionInterval. Here’s a straightforward way to resolve this issue:

  1. Access the Custom Settings:

    • Go to the Project Settings in your Mendix app.
  2. Check the Settings:

    • Locate the SessionKeepAliveUpdatesInterval and ClusterManagerActionInterval settings.
  3. Adjust the Settings:

    • Ensure that SessionKeepAliveUpdatesInterval is set to a value that is less than half of ClusterManagerActionInterval.

    For example, if ClusterManagerActionInterval is set to 600 seconds, SessionKeepAliveUpdatesInterval should be less than 300 seconds.

  4. Save and Redeploy:

    • Save the changes and redeploy your application.

Here’s a brief summary of the process:

  1. Go to Project Settings: Navigate to the custom settings in your Mendix project.
  2. Adjust Intervals: Make sure SessionKeepAliveUpdatesInterval is less than half of ClusterManagerActionInterval.
  3. Save Changes: Save the settings and redeploy the app.

This should resolve the initialization error and allow your application to start successfully.

1 Rahul,


It looks like that you need to check and verify your runtime settings of your environment.

More information how to do that and what which setting means can be found here:


Be aware if you use a later version there are some adjustements this can be found here:


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Good luck