Understanding Java Version Selection in Mendix Cloud

Hi everyone,   I'm seeking clarification on how Mendix determines which Java version is used for applications running in the cloud.   Based on my understanding, starting from Mendix version 9.24.19, Java 17 is a supported version. Releasenotes 9.24.19 However, I've noticed that an application running on Mendix version 9.24.12 in the cloud is also using Java 17.     This raises a couple of questions for me:   1. How does Mendix decide which Java version to use in the cloud for different Mendix versions? 2. Is there a way for me to configure or select the Java version for my applications running in the Mendix cloud?   Any insights or documentation references would be greatly appreciated!   Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards,  Edo van den Nieuwendijk  
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