Scheduled event stuck in Running state

Hi Everyone,   currently we are facing an issue, where some of our scheduled events get stuck in "Running" state in our cloud environment. They start running in their scheduled time but at some point they just stop and do not finish. The only way how we can make them finish is when we restart the application, in that case the sheduled event which was in "Running" state goes into "Stopped" state and another sheduled event is started, which finishes perfectly.   We have several logs in these event microflows, but the only thing that happens is that at some point the creation of these logs stops, in some case this was at the beggining of an event when the microflow goes into a loop and start executing a sub-microflow, in other cases it happened when the only thing left was commiting objects. There are no error messages from the environment in the logs, everything goes on as if nothing has happened in the environment, but the event is not finished, and none of the actions in it are.   What's interesting is that there are cases when these sheduled events finish with no issue. Note that we are running these events daily, so an overlap between them is not a problem.   Have you ever experienced something similar? Do you have any ideas why this can happen?   Thank you in advance for your help!
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Hey Ábel,

Maybe your scheduled Event's microflow has some logic problem and is in a loop.

Try placing it as a button on a page and try running it with debug active. This way you can validate if any problems are occurring during the process.


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Ricardo Pereira