On-premises- File storage issue

Hi,   I have used the Minikube with Docker methodology to deploy  the application in on- premises.  Also configured volumes in inside the pod like this . For an  app to export the excel report, we used the excel export module from mendix market place to export excel report. So we have to add template once app has deployed.  When creating the template inside the app and exporting the particular report , it creating some hashkeys storing in  "/data/files " folder in inside the pod .   However, sometimes its throwing the "system administration error" while exporting the excel document and kubectl logs are throwing like   but sometimes its working fine .    Assuming that when template is loaded newly , its working for temporary and it will started to throwing the error along with this same pod logs.   Please help me out of this topic, what is the best solution to resolve this issue?
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I checked with DB.  When deleting the template in application, for the same it has been removed in DB too.  


Verified with this table "xlsreport$mxtemplate"