Copy paste YAML file on Windows Server

Hi, I noticed that when using the windows runtime, the YAML text file is overwritten with the mendix runtime console values. Is there a way around this?  It would be easier for backing up and restoring the YAML settings.  Currently all settings need to be entered in the runtime console, but it involves a lot of clicking and manual work.   Thanks in advance for any replies.
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Hi Mendel,
As far as I know, you need to manually make a backup of the YAML file. We used to do this as part of maintenance for just-in-case scenarios.
Kind regards, David.


Thanks for your answer.

The problem is not so much in copy/backup the YAML file. But more about restoring this file.


How to restore this file on the windows server , to have the "back-upped" values again for the runtime.

When we restore  the backup file in the YAML location and then start the runtime, the values of the console window constants are overwritten to the YAML file. 

So we still have to do manual click and edit actions on the windows mendix console.... I know in Linux this does not happen.