Package uploaded through deploy API gets no name

When uploading a package using the deploy API, the package gets a null value as its name. This is not the case when the package is uploaded using the front end upload form in Sprintr. I'm sending the package as multipart/form-data request having one file attachment, being the mda to upload. This returns a 200 response status and the package id as a json object.  Sending the file as binary data in the post body (curl --data-binary) results in a 200 response code, but no uploaded package. The deploy API docs doesn't mention any specifics on this call: Request Parameters AppId (String): Subdomain name of an app. Raw body: Deployment package as a file.
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The API doc is incomplete.

The package/upload endpoint expects a multipart post, containing a name parameter containing the desired package name and a file parameter containing the package file.


File a support ticket. I already did. Answer was that it would not be solved in the next half year. And indeed the documentation is incomplete. Also a support ticket for that because I need answers first before I can adjust the documentation. I need to know if my assumptions are correct.

Hopefully when more users file a ticket that the current deployment API is useless (it also will not work in the V4 cloud) this issue get's a bit more priority.