How to setup the config.xml file for phone gap build

when manually customizing the phonegap build file before uploading to phone gap, is it required to change the ID field? the ID is set to the sandbox environments ID still and we are moving the application to an on premise server. I checked phone gaps documentation and this ID field is supposed to be a reverse-style domain name. Seems fine, except our new server does not have a URL setup, we are using the IP address instead. If anyone can talk me through setting up this i would greatly appreciate it.
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The ID is a unique identifier for your application within the appstore. It's not a reference to the application (ip address) itself. The ip address or server name is located in the index.html file of the phonegap package. For the ID you can enter your company URL, and application name, i.e. za.telesure.mxapp 

Hope this helps