Display the PDF document in my application using document viewer

Hi Friends, In my application, we are using pdf document. we are using the document viewer for that. Could you please tell me how to use this module in our application   Thanks in Advance,    
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Hi Shiva,

This widget is very easy to use, done so myself multiple times.

When you find/download a widget, you always check the 'Documentation' tab to see installation/configuration instructions.

In this case, it says: "This widget should be used inside a dataview, with a domain object which is a specialization (descendant) of System.FileDocument.". So just create a dataview on your page with your document as displaying entity, and place this widget in the dataview.

There are a few other things you can configure:

Title: The caption of the viewer.

Width: Width of the viewer in pixels. Use '0' for auto. The height will depend on the contents.

Height: Height of the viewer in pixels. Use '0' to determine the width automatically. This will use any remaining space.

Enlarge caption: The tooltip of the enlarge button.

Popout caption: The tooltip of the popout (open in new window) button


Good luck!


Hi Wieke Bouten,

Once after saving the button, show the pdf in the below Iframe

Save button:

   On click:  show a page

   Page: Customer.DocuSign (current page)

Could you please guide me